Instek GPE-4323 4 Channels, 212W Linear DC Power Supply


212W 4 Channel DC Power Supply

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Instek GPE-4323 4 Channels, 212W Linear DC Power Supply
GPE-4323 4 Channels, 212W Linear DC Power Supply
4 Independent Isolated Output
10mv min resolution 1ma min resolution
4.3 Inch LCD Display
GW Instek introduces theGPE-X323 Series
High resolution power supply to the global market. As a front-runner in the power supply manufacturing industry, GW Instek adheres to the policy of highest production quality so as to ensure the qualitative edge over the competitors. The GPE-X323 series features output power from 192 to 217 watts, three independent isolated output channels (GPE-X323), high resolution, low noise, high reliability, key lock function, and compact size.

The GPE-X323 series has firmly established another new paradigm for GW Instek in manufacturing economy linear D.C. power supplies.
Digital Panel Control
The GPE-X323 series has a built-in digital panel control design to replace conventional control method. This unique design allows the GPE-X323 series linear DC power supply to provide users with more efficient functionalities, including set view and key lock so as to expedite the operation process. The key lock function protects DUT’s by preventing others from changing voltage / current parameters. Additionally, output key light facilitates users in clearly reading the operational status of power supply.
Tracking Series / Parallel Operational
In addition to independent output channels, the GPE-X323 series provides automatic tracking series and parallel connection function. The series and parallel connections allow power supplies to output 32V/6A (Parallel connection) and 64V/3A (Series connection). The CH1 and CH2 of GPE-2323 / GPE-3323 / GPE-4323 models operate the series and parallel connection function.
High Resolution (For Setting and Read back)
The GPE-X323 series features 10mV/1mA high resolution (for setting and read back). The series outputs a pure and stable power supply. Users can easily simulate small voltage or small current measurements for DUT’s that is the area the conventional low resolution linear power supplies can’t achieve.
Remote Control (Remote I/O) for Output On / Off Function
The GPE-X323 series provides the Output On/Off function to prevent DUTs from unnecessary damages caused by the pre-output when connecting a DUT with a power supply. Users must preset voltage and current parameters and ensure that all connections are correct. Then, via manual control on the front panel, users can activate the Output On/Off.


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