Instek GPD-2303S DC Power Supplies 2 Channels, 180W Programmable Linear


180W, 2ch Output DC Programmable Power Supply

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Instek GPD-2303S 2 Channels, 180W Programmable Linear DC Power Supply
Constant Voltage / Constant Current operation
Tracking Series / Tracking parallel operation
Output On/Off control
Digital panel control
4 sets of panel setup save/recall
Software calibration
Key lock function

The GPD-Series contain the superior technology and high quality which CW lnstek had established through its long history of power supply design and manufacturing. The GPD-Series offers digital panel control, large display, bright LED indicators, high output resolution, 4 sets of setup memory, USB remote control and smart cooling fan control. Additionally, the GPD-Series provide easy operation, a wide selection of panel settings and the most important for a reasonable price. All these features make the GPD-Series the most promising new comer in the power supply market.

High Resolution

With ‘lmV/1 mA (for GPD-23035/33035/43035) high resolution and coarse/fine volume control the GPD-Series, guarantees clean and stable output. Using the GPD-Series you can easily simulate the device under test‘s accurate behavior against small changes in voltage or current, which is impossible when using a low resolution power supply.

Tracking Series and Parallel Function

Tracking series and parallel function allows you to use the GPD-Series in wide range of applications. The tracking series mode guarantees higher output voltage, while the tracking parallel mode guarantees higher output current.

Convenience Functions

The knobs are digitally controlled, allowing fine or coarse volume setting. The key lock feature locks panel operations, preventing accidental change of the settings which might lead damaging for the equipment.

4 Sets of Save / Recall

The GPD-Series can save and recall panel settings, these feature which can not offered by general power supplies. You can quickly select a panel setting from four memory sets without manual configuration.

USB Remote Control

The USB device port in the C-PD-Series allows you to remotely control the power supply according to your application needs.
Bright LED display shows settings or actual level of output
The independent CH3 output offers three commonly used voltage settings (C-PD-33035/3303D only)
C.V./C.C. modes are clearly indicated in different colors
Smart cooling fan control offers a well balanced cooling mechanism, ensuring quiet operation
The tracking series and parallel mode can be selected with a single touch
Indicators embedded in the keys provide an instant view of the power supply status; the Key Lock feature prevents improper operation
Laboratories and Educational Facilities
Product Testing and Quality Assurance
Service Operation and Post-Sales Support
Product Development and Debugging


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