Instek GLC-10000 – Leakage Current Tester


Instek GLC-10000 Leakage Current Tester up to 50mA with 12 simulated human impedance networks for medical electrical and general electrical leakage current measurement

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GLC-10000 Leakage Current Tester
For Medical and General electrical leakage current measurement
Maximum allowable leakage current up to 50mA
12 simulated human impedance networks (Including IEC 60601-1:2020 3.2rd)
7-inch TFT LCD touch screen for ease of operation and improved readability
MD external terminal block and BNC MD output port provided on back panel
GLC-10000 Leakage Current Tester
Many electrical products must undergo electrical safety testing to ensure their safety. These tests include insulation resistance, withstand voltage, ground continuity and leakage current tests. These tests are complex and critical for safety standards compliance. To comply with international standards and to ensure operator safety, leakage current tests are also performed under normal and faulty operating conditions.
Leakage current tests can be separated into 3 basic types:
Earth Leakage current
Enclosure Leakage current
Patient Leakage current
The Instek GLC-10000 complies with IEC, UL and other international electrical safety standards requiring leakage current measurement.
The GW Instek GLC-10000, which features 12 simulated human impedance networks that comply with related safety regulations, conducts leakage current tests for electric equipment under normal condition or single fault condition. These 12 simulated human impedance networks are comprised of networks for medical electric equipment and general electric/electronic equipment, to ensure that the product design and manufacture are in compliance with requirements of safety regulations including IEC, EN, UL, etc.
GLC-10000 provides test requirements, for most IT products, household appliances and other electronic and electric equipment, and even medical electronics, in the measurement of leakage current (touch current), including the required measurement network, and measurement bandwidth of various current forms, so all are in compliance with the requirements of the latest version of the applicable regulations.
To comply with the leakage current flow paths under different regulations, GLC-10000 provides 20 measurement options to meet the requirements of the old and latest versions of the standards.
The GLC-10000 is equipped with a 7-inch TFT LCD touch screen, which makes the operation more convenient and fast. The large screen allows setting information and test results to be displayed on the LCD at the same time, improving the readability of information observation. Users can select the front socket output (10A max.) or the rear terminal block output (up to 20A) to measure the leakage current according to the current consumption of the DUT. 30 sets of internal memory can be used to store the measurement settings of products. In addition, 1000 sets of measurement results can be stored to conduct subsequent analysis.

For the rear panel configuration, the GLC-10000 provides a reserved MD external terminal block (EXT+/EXT-), and users can self-define the required simulated impedance networks (only applicable to parallel RC combination) to measure the leakage current to meet the requirements of new MD in future regulations. The GLC-10000 provides a variety of standard interfaces, such as RS-232C, USB device, LAN and Remote I/O, and even GPIB (optional) to meet the needs of system control and data acquisition.


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