Instek GDS-3352A – Digital Oscilloscope (2 Ch / 350 MHz) with AWG and Spectrum Analysis


Digital Oscilloscope (2 Ch / 350 MHz) with AWG and Spectrum Analysis

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Instek GDS-3352A
2 analog channels / 350 MHz bandwidth
16 digital channels (requires option GDS-DS3A-16LA)
Dual channel spectrum analyzer (DC-2.5 GHz) with spectrogram
Dual channel 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator
13 power analysis measurements (requires option GDS-DS3A-PWR)
Digital Oscilloscope (2 Ch / 350 MHz) with AWG and Spectrum Analysis
The Instek GDS-3000A digital storage oscilloscope is available in two bandwidths (350 and 650 MHz) and features two analog channels with an option for 16-channel logic analysis. The GDS-3000A features a per-channel memory length of up to 200 Mpts, as well as sampling rates of 5 GSa/s (1 ch) and 2.5 GSa/s (2 ch).

GDS-3352A GDS-3652A
Bandwidth 350 MHz 650 MHz
Channels 2 2
Record length 200 M/ch 200 M/ch
Real-time sampling rate 5 GSa/s (1 ch) 5 GSa/s (1 ch)
Dual Domain Measurement
For frequency domain measurement, the GDS-3000A is equipped with a dual-channel spectrum analyzer, enabling users to measure and analyze the frequency domain signals of two channels at the same time.
It is also equipped with a Spectrogram function, which enables users to easily observe complex frequency domain fluctuations. These are proportionally decomposed into simple superimposed waves so as to understand the signal strength distribution. The soft keys allow users to have more intuitive settings for operation, which can improve measurement efficiency.
25 MHz dual channel arbitrary waveform generation
A 25MHz dual-channel arbitrary waveform generator is included as standard with the GDS-3000A. Waveform shapes include Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, DC, Noise, Sinc, Gaston, Lorentz, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Haversine, Cardiac and more.
Users can select the arbitrary waveform function to store the signal measured by the analog channel or directly output it from the signal generator.
This function allows users to conveniently generate various types of measured signals to simulate diversified signal outputs. The frequency response analysis function (Bode Plot) is also equipped, which can be applied to product circuit and component characteristic verification and analysis, including RLC circuit design, filter design, and amplifier design verification and analysis.
13 Sets of Switching Mode Power Supply Measurements (option GDS-DS3A-PWR)
The GDS-3000A offers an optional software package for switch mode power supply testing. The provided power supply test items include:
AC input analysis items: Power Quality, Harmonics, Inrush Current
DC output analysis required test items: Ripple/Noise, Transient Response Analysis, Turn On/OFF, Efficiency; Control Loop response (Bode), and PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio)
Complete switching component analysis items: Modulation, Switching loss, SOA (Safe Operation Area), and Magnetics analysis: B-H curve.
On the oscilloscope’s side, a power supply for 50MHz (GCP-530) and 100MHz(GCP-1030) current probes is provided. This feature can save users the cost of purchasing power supplies for current probes, as well as relieving the burden of carrying the power supply when traveling.
16-channel logic analysis (option GDS-DS3A-16LA)
The GDS-3000A can be upgraded to a mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO) by selecting an optional 16-channel logic analyzer, which is a plugin. When you have several GDS-3000As, you can plug in an optional logic analyzer to other units at any time without installing any software. Users can analyze digital signals, I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN, and parallel buses.
Front panel overview
1. 10.2” LCD display 8. Run/stop key; single triggering mode
2. Hardcopy, menu, LA/AWG keys 9. Trigger controls
3. Cursor, intensity, PA, and SA
10. Horizontal controls
4. Variable knob and select key 11. Vertical controls
5. Function keys 12. Probe compensation, ground terminal
6. Numeric keypad 13. Channel input, ext. trigger input
7. Autoset 14. USB host, logic probe input, power switch
Rear and side panel overview
1. Outputs: calibration, go/no-go, AWG
2. Ports: USB device, LAN, RS-232, VGA, GPIB (option)
3. Power input
4. Security slot
5. Power supply (±12V for current probes)


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