Instek GCT-9040 – AC Ground Bond Tester


40A Ground Bond Tester

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Instek GCT-9040 AC Ground Bond Tester
Safety Testing of Ground Bond Electrical Product in Manufacturing
Quality Assurance Verification
Safety Standard Compliance Pre-qualification in R&D
Performing a Sequential or Simultaneous Test After Connect with GPT-9800/9900 Series
GW Instek rolls out40AAC ground bond tester ─ GCT-9040 to augment the existing safety tester product line and to replace the legacy model GCT-630. GCT-9040 provides the maximum AC test current of40Aand adopts the PWM design the same as other models to ensure test efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, large LCD display, 100 memory blocks from setting criteria, and programmable communications interface together deliver users with higher readability and convenience.

In addition to the standalone ground bond test operation, GCT-9040, with40AAC ground bond test capability, can also externally connect with GW Instek safety testers such as GPT-9800/9900/9900Aseries to augment users’ product test requirements by the all-in-one test platform. For instance, GPT-9802 (AC/DC withstanding tester), via external connection, can be expanded to a safety tester system with three testing functionalities.

Additionally, after the safety tester system has been assembled, not only the sequential test function for the original all-in-one models can be executed, but also the simultaneous output test can be conducted. The simultaneous output test allows two testers to simultaneously test DUT so as to shorten the overall test time. Whether the safety tester system executes sequential test or simultaneous output test, GCT-9040 will automatically obtain control over two testers, including activation control, final status indication light, and pin signal output from Digital I/O etc. to avoid confusion caused by each tester’s indication light.

Last but not least, GCT-9040, with respect to remote control and data retrieval, not only provides standard USB (optional GPIB) interface to control all functionalities but also controls connected safety testers (GPT-9800/9900/9900Aseries) via commands to read measurement results.

Simultaneous Test (Schematic Diagram Connection)


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