Instek GCP-530 – 50 MHz/30A AC/DC Current Probe


50MHz/30A Current Probe

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Instek GCP-530 – 50 MHz/30A AC/DC Current Probe
Bandwidth: DC~50 MHz
High S/N Ratio: Ideal for Measuring mA Signals
Power Supply Design
Power Device Evaluation
Power Converter Design
50MHz and 100MHz AC/DC Current Measurement

For easily observing current waveforms under a wide bandwidth and with high sensitivity, the GCP-530 and GCP-1030 clamp on current probes only need to be connected to the BNC input of a data logger or oscilloscope and clamped onto a conductor to start measurement.

Multiple Applications for AC and DC Measurements

Using the combination of a Hall-effect sensor and an AC current transformer, the probes provide accurate measurement of DC or AC currents up to 30Arms or DC100 MHz (for model GCP-1030). The split core construction allows the probe to easily clip on to a conductor without breaking the conductor.

Wide Range of Applications

With a flat frequency response, low noise and low insertion loss, the GCP-530 and GCP-1030 clamp-on probes are ideal for measuring steady state or transient current in amplifiers, inverters, electric motors, switching power supplies, controllers, sensors, LCD displays and electronic ballasts. For low current measurements, the high signal-to-noise ratio also makes the GCP-530 and GCP-1030 current probes ideal solutions.

High Accuracy Current Measurement

The demagnetize switch demagnetizes the core to remove any residual magnetism that has developed from excessive input current or from external magnetic fields. The zero adjustment control allows temperature drift and DC voltage offset to be easily compensated.
Important Characteristics


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