Instek GCP-020 10KHz/200A Current Probe


Instek GCP-020 Current Probe, 40Hz-40kHz, 240A( 10mV/A)

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Instek GCP-020 40Hz-40kHz, 240A, Current Probe
The GCP-020 is a clamp-type probe for measuring AC and DC current waveforms. Ranging from 100 mA to 200 A, the GCP-020 is designed to perform high current measurement in a compact package.

Harmonic Current Measurement
Inrush Current Measurement
Current Ripple and Noise Measurement
Power Quality Analysis
Clamp Measurement: Safe and Easy
To perform current waveform measurement, just clamp the jaw around the conductor-under-test and connect its lead to the BNC input of an oscilloscope. Breaking the circuit and connecting an ammeter in series is no longer necessary.

Current Measurement from 40Hz to 10kHz for Various Instruments
Using the combination of a Hall-effect sensor and an AC current transformer, GCP-020 provides accurate measurement from 40Hz to 10kHz. The dual measurement range spans 100mA-20A and 500mA-200A. In addition to oscilloscopes, the GCP-020 can also be connected to multimeters and data loggers.


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