Instek GBM-3080 – 80V Battery Meter with RS-232/USB Host/Device/Handler Interface


80V Battery Meter with RS-232/USB Host/Device/Handler Interface

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Instek GBM-3080 – 80V Battery Meter with RS-232/USB Host/Device/Handler Interface
3.5′ TFT LCD (320×240)
Voltage measurement: 80V
Resistance: 0.0001mΩ~3.2kΩ
1kHz test frequency
Basic accuracy for resistance: 0.5%
Basic accuracy for voltage: 0.01%
GW Instek launches a new series of desktop battery tester, the GBM-3000 series, which uses AC 1kHz as the test signal and measures battery’s voltage and internal resistance to 300V (GBM-3300) and 80V (GBM-3080). The series features 3.5″ TFT LCD, 4-wire measurement method, high-resolution (6-digit voltage / 5-digit resistance) measurement display capability, and independent GO/NOGO determination of voltage and resistance, various communications interfaces, etc. to meet various types of battery measurements, ranging from single cell, battery cell, to the end product (battery), etc. so as to facilitate users in achieving accurate measurements at all stages of production.

The GBM-3000 series provides excellent features for various types of batteries in measuring open circuit voltage and resistance. For voltage measurement, the accuracy is as high as ± (0.01% reading + 3 digits), and measurement resolution is up to 10 V (at 8V). For resistance μ measurement, the accuracy reaches ± (0.5% reading + 5 digits) and the resolution achieves 0.1 (at 3m ) that is especially suitable μΩ Ω for the sorting of single cell measurements, which is to achieve a better output balance for the follow-up series and parallel connections. In the meantime, in order to facilitate users to quickly and clearly interpret the measurement results, the GBM-3000 series features HI/LO determination respectively based on voltage and resistance, and can be switched to the simple (big numerical display) mode to meet the requirements of test accuracy, clear and easy-to-read, and elevated inspection efficiency and capabilities.

Other than the excellent measurement capabilities, the GBM-3000 series also provides a number of functions to ensure effectiveness and convenience. For the effectiveness, the test lead (probe) contact status detection function is to effectively prompt users whether test lead (probe) and DUT are in good contact to ensure the validity of the measured value. In terms of convenience, the GBM-3000 series provides two data storage methods (up to 10,000 lots of measurement values). “General storage” only stores the measured voltage and resistance values; “statistical storage” has the related parameters (Cp/Ckp/Mean/MAX/MIN…) for the statistical analysis. Users can store the data from the measurement process in the internal memory first and then transfer the data to the computer via flash drive for subsequent analysis without being limited to the connection with the computer.

In addition, for retrieving and storing measurement results via the transmission method, the GBM-3000 series provides RS-232C/USB device (virtual COM) for writing programs and retrievals. The handler interface is provided for external trigger control via PLC. All interfaces are standard-equipped that not only save the cost of instruments, but also meet the requirement of using different automated measurement systems.
3.5″ TFT LCD
Operation Key
Numeric & Navigator Key
Setup & Measure Key
Test Terminal
USB Host
Standard Interface : USB Device, RS-232C, Handler
Universal Input Power
Standard Mode
(Setting conditions and R+V measurement parameters)
Simple Mode
(R+V measurement parameters)
The GBM-3000 series offers two display modes to facilitate users in maximizing the benefits of their measurements – Standard mode: The main measurement parameters (three combinations: R+V/R/V) and parameter settings for the related measurements can be displayed simultaneously. This mode is applicable to R&D design and engineering certification. Simple mode: Big numerical display only shows the results of main measurement parameters to increase the visibility of observations. This mode is suitable for production measurements.
Independent HI/LO Setting
Separate & Totally Judgement
The GBM-3000 series provides independent HI/LO determination settings for both voltage and resistance and can be set according to the required mode, such as SEQ, PER or ABS. In addition to displaying the results of the final determination, the results of individual measurement parameters are also provided for subsequent actions.
Disconnect/Contact Display
Statistical Function
In addition to providing accurate measurements, the ability of the GBM-3000 Series to supplement the measurement of production lines is also a major feature of the series. For example, the ability to detect disconnect/contact. The display screen can clearly show bad contact of the test lead (probe).The series can store up to 10,000 lots of measurement data and has the statistical calculation function to allow the status of the production process to be clearly observed and retained in real time without any manual calculation or connection to the computer. After the measurement is completed, the result can be transferred to the computer through flash drive for long-term storage and subsequent analysis.
Finally, the GBM-3000 series provides a variety of practical and standard-equipped interfaces including RS-232C/USB device/ Handler, which are for measurement result collection in the remote program control or collocating with system integration for external trigger measurement through PLC.


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