Instek GBM-03 – 4 Wire Test Lead


4 Wire(twin pin) test probe, 300V(max.), approx. 1400mm

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Instek GBM-03 – 4 Wire Test Lead
4 Wire (twin pin) test probe, 300V (max.), approx. 1400mm

Offsetting of test leads

Refer to the connection method for offsetting to complete 3 points connection.

Find the short-circuit screw in the middle of the short-circuit board (GBM-S1) as center. Find two holes on left and right of the center which has the same distance between the two ends of the battery under test. Then insert the SENSE pins into the holes and press down the probes to let the SOURCE touch the copper foil on the PCB board to complete the 3-point connection. When performing offsetting, it is necessary to keep the probe and the short circuit board in good contact condition to avoid shaking and affect the measurement results.


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