Instek DAQ-9600 – Data Acquisition System Mainframe (without GPIB)


Data Acquisition System (Mainframe)

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Instek DAQ-9600
Data acquisition system mainframe
Modules sold separately – see below for information
Mainframe contains three module slots
This model does not contain a GPIB interface
Built-in 6.5 digit multimeter
Data Acquisition System Mainframe (without GPIB)
The Instek DAQ-9600 data acquisition system is a modularized data acquisition system with high flexibility and higher performance. The mainframe is equipped with three module slots and a built-in precision 6.5 digit DMM is the core of its test and measurement. Five modules are available to meet different measurement needs. For the research and development of analyzing product characteristics, or the production and manufacturing of system testing or fault diagnosis, a data acquisition system with flexibility and high performance can effectively fulfill different measurement requirements by expansion and change that make the overall test simpler, faster, and more reliable.
The DAQ-9600 features a 4.3-inch graphic color display and concise function key design, allowing users to quickly and easily configure module channels in an intuitive way. Measurement data is presented in different formats, such as numerical values, bar graphs, trend graphs, and histograms to quickly check the measurement results. At the same time, the DAQ-9600 can convert 14 input signals, including temperature (RTD/thermocouple/thermistor), voltage (AC/DC), current (AC/DC), resistance (two-wire/four-wire), Strain (direct/bridge), frequency/period, and capacitance. The built-in 6 1/2 digital DMM provides basic accuracy of 0.0035% DC voltage, 0.05% AC voltage, and 0.01% resistance within a one-year calibration cycle.
The DAQ-9600 supports measurement data storage, and the acquired data can be stored in internal memory or directly recorded to a USB flash drive without connecting to a PC. For remote setting and control of data logging applications, the DAQ-9600 is equipped with LAN, USB, and GPIB (GPIB is only on model DAQ-9600G), and provides free DAQ-Data Logger software to simplify data collection and analysis, allowing users to easily collect data. In addition, the LAN interface can be used to configure measurements and define and execute scan lists through common web browsers (such as Chrome, and IE). Users can monitor the measurement results no matter where they are as long as they are connected to the Internet.
Module information
The Instek DAQ-9600 contains three module slots and is compatible with five different modules.
Please note: modules are sold separately.
20-Channel Universal Multiplexer (Solid State Relay)
Scanning speed up to 450 channels per second
2-wire and 4-wire scanning
Built-in temperature cold junction reference
120V switching
The DAQ-900 is a solid-state relay module that provides two groups (A/B) of 10 2-wire channels each.
All 20 channels are switchable to high (HI) and low (LO) inputs, providing fully isolated inputs for the built-in digital meter or external instruments.
During 4-wire resistance measurements, the channels of group A are automatically paired with the channels of group B to provide power and sense connections.
The module has a built-in cold junction reference, which can greatly reduce errors caused by thermal gradients when measuring thermocouples.
20+2 Channels Universal Multiplexer (Armature Relay)
Scanning speed can reach 80 channels per second
2-wire and 4-wire scanning
Built-in temperature cold junction reference
300V switching
The extra 2 channels can directly measure current (1A/per CH)
The DAQ-901 is a comprehensive multiplexer for general scanning.
The same module can mix 2-wire and 4-wire channels; at the same time, the additional 2 current input channels can be used for AC and DC current measurement without external shunt resistors (maximum 1A per channel).
With a total of 22 channels, intensive multi-function switching, and a scan rate of up to 80 channels per second, the DAQ-901 is suitable for various data acquisition applications.
40-Channel Single-Ended Multiplexer
Scanning speed can reach 80 channels per second
Single-wire switching is suitable for common-low applications
Built-in temperature cold junction reference
The DAQ-903 can switch 40 single-wire inputs per module.
It can be used for common-low applications such as battery testing, component characterization, and desktop testing.
The low-voltage connection is isolated from the ground and can be floated up to 300V.
DAQ-903 also supports all 2-wire internal measurements except current.
4 x 8 2-Wire Matrix
3ms switching speed
32 2-wire intersections
300V, 1A switching
Up to 96 crosspoints (3 slots)
The DAQ-904 module can provide the most flexible connection path between your DUT and the test system, allowing different test instruments to be connected to multiple points on the DUT at the same time.
The DAQ-904 can connect rows and columns of multiple modules to build larger matrices, such as 8 x 8, 4 x 16, etc.
Up to 96 crosspoints can be built in a single instrument.
8+2 Channels High Voltage, High Current Multiplexer
3ms switching speed
DC voltage 600V, current 2A
2-wire and 4-wire scanning
Additional 2 channels can directly measure current (2A/per channel)
DAQ-909 is a multiplexer specially designed for high voltage, providing 8 channels for DC 600V / AC 400Vrms voltage measurement.
The additional 2 current input channels can be used for AC and DC current measurement, external shunt resistors are not required (maximum 2A / per channel).
Internal DMM measurement functions supported

DAQ-900 DAQ-901 DAQ-903 DAQ-904 DAQ-909
AC/DC Voltage ✓² ³ ✓ ✓

AC/DC Current

Freq./Period ✓ ✓ ✓

2-Wire Resistance ✓¹ ✓ ✓

4-Wire Resistance ✓¹ ✓

Thermocouple ✓ ✓

2-Wire RTD
✓ ✓

4-Wire RTD

✓ ✓

✓ ✓

1. For the measurement of 100Ω and 1kΩ resistance ranges, it is recommended to use 4-wire resistance. The maximum resistance range of DAQ-900 is 1MΩ.
2. When measuring AC voltage, the input impedance will decrease with frequency. A source impedance of 5Ω or less will maintain specification over frequency. A source impedance of 50Ω or less will maintain specification in the 5 kHz range.
3. For DC voltage measurement, if the integration time is short and the source impedance is high, more stabilization time may be required.
Front panel
1. Power button 4. Set up
2. USB host 5. Knob
3. LCD display 6. Increase/decrease
Rear panel
7. Scanning modules (sold separately) 10. Fuse
8. Mini-GPIB (on model DAQ-9600G) 11. Interface
9. Power


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