Horiba Model IG-410


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HORIBA Model IG-410 Dual Range Meter


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Dual range checker for Gloss and Ultra High Gloss measurement

The IG-410 measures ultra high gloss surfaces such as polished metal. The meter has ten times greater measurement range than the conventional model. Even mirror finishes can be measured too.

Weighing in at only 350g (1.3 lbs), this battery operated instrument is designed to be portable. Fast and reliable measurement by simple one-touch operation. LED light sources give <100,000 hours service so there is no need to exchange these parts due to lifetime.

The IG-410 has two user-selectable measurement ranges, depending on the sample to be measured. Low gloss samples can be measured using the 0-100 range and high gloss samples can be measured using the 0-1000 range. Two calibration plates are provided to allow the user to follow a simple one-touch calibration procedure to ensure reproducible results.



  • Latest model Gloss Checker now checks Ultra high gloss surface finishes
  • Compact, lightweight and detachable probe design
  • Dual range extends measurement resolution in the low gloss range


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