GE Druck DPI 612

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GE Druck DPI 612 Flex Series Pressure Calibrator
Three model choices, generate as low as 95% vacuum or as high as 15000 psi with accuracy up to 0.005% FS

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The GE Druck DPI 612 Flex Series Pressure Calibrator provides interchangeable pressure modules, higher accuracy and significantly improved pressure generation. There are three models in the Druck DPI 612 Flex series to generate pressures from 95% vacuum to 1000 bar/ 15000 psi. Their dependable, high performance pressure systems provide quick and easy generation with great accuracy.

The pFlex pneumatic versions have a simple selector to let you convert from vacuum to pressure and with the high efficiency hand pumps and volume adjusters you can generate accurate pressure quickly and with ease.

The hFlex hydraulic version has an internal reservoir for hydraulic oil or water, a priming pump to expel air from the connected system and an intensifier to quickly and easily generate pressure.

The PM 620 is the latest development in digital output sensor technology and incorporates key innovations to allow pressure re-ranging without the need for tools, sealing, cables or user set-up. The modules cost a fraction of fixed range instruments and can be calibrated independently, so you can benefit from reduced inventory, shared resources, lower cost of ownership and less down-time for annual calibration checks.


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