Fluke Networks PTNX1 Pocket Toner NX1

Fluke Networks PTNX1 Pocket Toner NX1 Coax Cable Tester


Fluke Networks® PTNX1 Pocket Toner NX1 Coax Cable Tester

Low voltage protection for both the main body and detachable toner unit

Dual audible indicators

Bi-gender adaptable toner section

Removable push-on connector

Removable Speed 81 connector

Lightweight, durable anodized aluminum

The Pocket Toner® tools are pocket-sized, durable test devices that allow users to quickly and easily test voice, data, video cables for open and short circuits, continuity, AC/DC voltage* and dial tone*

Pocket Toner® NX1 is ideal for identifying and testing low voltage, singular coax cables for continuity, opens and shorts. Low voltage protection and verification up to 52 volts.

Dial Tone Detective adapter

The Dial Tone Detective, is a low-cost, must have adapter that determines the presence of a dial tone. The bi-colored LED turns green indicating a dial tone – attach the adapter to one of the tone sections on any PTNX device to emit a sound at the same time. If the adapter turns red, there is a reversed pair on the jack under test.


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