Fluke Networks OFP2-CFP-QI-NW OptiFiber Pro Quad OTDR V2, with Quad OLTS, Inspection Camera, without Wi-Fi



Fluke Networks® OFP2-CFP-QI-NW OptiFiber Pro Quad OTDR V2, with Quad OLTS, Inspection Camera, without Wi-Fi

Full OTDR capability that certifies fiber performance based on industry standards or customer specifications

Easily characterize all connectors, splices and areas of high loss with graphical EventMap view

Graphical indication of problem areas on fiber endfaces due to contamination, pits, chips and scratches

The Fluke Networks® OFP2-CFP-QI-NW is a package containing multiple fiber testing modules. This includes a OptiFiberPro Quad OTDR, CertiFiberPro Quad OLTS, as well as an inspection camera. For a complete list of included components, please see the tab labeled “What’s in the Box”.

Designed for Enterprise Fiber

As enterprise networks and datacenter architectures evolve, IT infrastructure administrators demand better OTDR technology to maintain fiber network performance. Many OTDRs (Optical Time Domain Reflectometers) used for fiber troubleshooting are designed for carriers and contain cumbersome and complicated features that enterprise users don’t need. Few OTDRs are built with features and usability for enterprise network engineers, SAN designers and cable installers.

As enterprises consume more storage resources and adopt higher bandwidth (40G, 100G) datacenter architectures, the resilience of the cabling infrastructure becomes highly dependent upon maintenance tools to ensure fiber reliability. OptiFiber Pro is the industry’s first purpose-built OTDR that meets the unique challenges of an enterprise fiber infrastructure. With its simple Taptive user interface and powerful feature set, the OptiFiber Pro turns anyone into an efficient and expert premise fiber troubleshooter or installer.

Taptive User Interface

Most OTDRs are designed for a myriad of applications, causing the user interface to be difficult to navigate and interpret. OptiFiber Pro has the Taptive user interface which combines the latest “gesture-based” interface technology with a capacitive touchscreen to deliver the most innovative and user-friendly OTDR.

Extremely short event and attenuation dead zone

The OptiFiber Pro leverages the most sophisticated optical technology to provide the shortest event dead zone (0.5 m typical for MM) and attenuation dead zone (2.5 m typical for MM and 3.6 m typical for SM) of any OTDR. This technological advancement allows OptiFiber Pro to detect and measure closely spaced faults where no other OTDR can in today’s connector-rich datacenter and storage area network environments.

Graphical EventMap view

To eliminate the learning curve associated with reading an OTDR trace, OptiFiber Pro’s advance logic automatically interprets the information to create a detailed and graphical map of events that includes connectors, splices and anomalies. To accommodate different preferences, users can easily switch between the EventMap, the Event Table and the Trace for test details. Any faulty events will be highlighted with RED icons to facilitate quick troubleshooting.

On-screen “help” suggests corrective action(s) for resolving fiber problems during each testing step. The “help” offered is context sensitive which allows users to quickly pinpoint possible resolutions. An easy-to-read, gray icon in the bottom, left-hand corner shows detailed corrective action recommendations.

CertiFiber Pro OLTS

The Fluke Networks® CertiFiber Pro Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) helps cabling professionals accomplish more than ever. It’s all about accurate, error-free certification, making jobs easier to manage and certifying fiber optic cabling to industry standards, faster. CertiFiber Pro OLTS complies with all applicable cabling standards, which call out the new Encircled Flux launch condition requirements for optical sources. It’s not just for the expert technicians and Project Managers. Individuals of various skill levels can improve the set-up, operation, test reporting, and simultaneously manage diverse projects.

Detailed View of Fiber Results

View the results of each fiber tested at the same time and the Pass/Fail status on the test results screen. Easily identify the fiber type, test limits, loss and which fiber correlates to each result. All good results are highlighted with a green icon, any faulty events are highlighted with red icons and fibers are identified as output or input to facilitate quick identification and corrective action. The Taptive user interface also makes the results screen a powerful tool with a detailed window which can be touched to drill down and see detailed results.


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