Fluke Networks OFP-Q-ADD OptiFiber Pro Add on Kit


OFP-Q-ADD OptiFiber Pro Add on Kit
OptiFiber Pro is the first OTDR built from the ground up for enterprise fiber testing
OptiFiber Pro is focused on reducing costs while enhancing productivity and improving network reliability
Smartphone, “gesture-based” interface that allows anyone to perform expert fiber testing with maximum efficiency
Fastest trace time at 2 seconds per wavelength to accelerate fiber certification and troubleshooting
Ultra-short dead zones to analyze datacenter fibers with short fiber patch cables and dense connectors
“DataCenter OTDR” configuration to effectively test datacenter fiber with minimal set-up and trace time
Graphical EventMap view greatly simplifies the interpretation of OTDR trace results

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Fluke OFP-Q-ADD OptiFiber Pro Add on Kit

Increases the reliability and availability of data center and storage area networks

Maximizes operator efficiency with task focused, simplified usability

Enhances productivity with fast trace times, one-button set ups and integrated reporting

Saves money by reducing expensive OTDR training and detailed trace analysis

Eliminates the need to invest in a second OTDR to troubleshoot LAN and campus networks

OptiFiber® Pro is the industry’s first OTDR built from the ground up to meet the challenges of enterprise fiber infrastructures. This troubleshooting and certification tool combines uncomplicated power, unparalleled efficiency and the exact functions needed for troubleshooting campus, data center and storage fiber networks.

The OptiFiber® Pro OTDR elevates fiber testing with the industry’s only smartphone interface that turns a technician into a fiber expert. The DataCenter OTDR configuration eliminates uncertainty and errors that occur when testing data center fiber. Its ultra-short dead zones enable testing of fiber patchcords in virtualized data centers. These capabilities, plus the fastest-in-the-industry trace times, make the OptiFiber Pro OTDR a must-have tool.

Smartphone User Interface

Most OTDRs are designed for a myriad of applications, causing the user interface to be difficult to navigate and interpret. OptiFiber Pro combines the latest “gesture-based” interface technology with a capacitive touchscreen to deliver the most innovative and user-friendly OTDR.


Single-touch tap and swipe control for selecting and scrolling menu items

Multi-touch pinch to zoom for easy magnification control on a graphical fiber trace

Task-focused design to reduce back and forth navigation through screens

Capacitive touchscreen eliminates the need to recalibrate unlike legacy touchscreens

Context sensitive on-screen help that gives users additional details or problem resolution suggestions

Optimized for the Datacenter

Optimized for the Datacenter

Driven by server virtualization and multi-gigabit links between servers, networks and storage, the datacenter architecture employs more patch cords and dense topology connectors, rendering carrier-class OTDRs with long dead zones ineffective. OptiFiber Pro not only makes fiber deployment in datacenters possible, but provides the highest level of accuracy for quick problem resolution.

With a simple one-touch selection, users enter DataCenter OTDR mode – without setup time for fine-tuning as needed in legacy OTDRs. DataCenter OTDR mode automatically detects OTDR parameters – end-detection algorithms, pulse widths, etc – without getting confused by the short links or number of connectors.


Ultra-short event and attenuation dead-zones precisely locates events and faults on fiber links

DataCenter OTDR™ mode automatically sets the configuration to quickly test datacenter fiber

The EventMap feature depicts fiber events in a way that requires no trace analysis expertise

Dynamic project and user profile management

Unique Certification with Fexibility and Efficiency

An important aspect in maximizing an OTDR’s value is to properly plan its day-to-day usage. With built-in project management, OptiFiber Pro allows a project manager to define each user’s role, settings and the associated tasks to be performed – transforming the OTDR into an all-in-one fiber testing tool complete with planning, inspection, certification and reporting.

OptiFiber Pro enhances job efficiency by allowing the workflow planner to create and manage operator and job profiles per project – defined jobs or sets of cable IDs can be assigned to specific operators. The progress and status of each project can also be easily monitored.


Full OTDR capability that certifies fiber performance based on job assignment for each operator

Powerful project management facilitates OTDR sharing with clear job assignment for each operator

Easy monitoring of job progress with pass/fail results

On-screen report generation and upload to LinkWare™ application

Short Attenuation Zones

Extremely short event and attenuation dead zone

The OptiFiber Pro leverages the most sophisticated optical technology to provide the shortest event dead zone (0.5 m typical for MM) and attenuation dead zone (2.2 m typical for MM and 3.6 m typical for SM) of any OTDR. This technological advancement allows OptiFiber Pro to detect and measure closely spaced faults where no other OTDR can in today’s connector-rich datacenter and storage area environments.

LinkWare management software

LinkWare™ management software

Leveraging the popular and multi-featured LinkWare cable test management software application, OptiFiber Pro users can easily access the hassle-free project management, report generation, and software upgrade capabilities to manage workflow and consolidate test results.

Test in progress

Two second trace per wavelength

Another breakthrough with OptiFiber Pro is the data acquisition speed. While in Quick Test mode, a complete set of data is acquired in as little as two seconds per wavelength. OptiFiber Pro then analyzes the data and displays it as an EventMap, Table or Trace. The end result is less time spent testing and more time performing other tasks.

Help Screen

On-screen help – corrective action

On-screen “help” suggests corrective action(s) for resolving fiber problems during each testing step. The “help” offered is context sensitive which allows users to quickly pinpoint possible resolutions. An easy-to-read, gray icon in the bottom, left-hand corner shows detailed corrective action recommendations.

FiberInspector probe

FiberInspector™ probe

OptiFiber Pro’s video inspection system examines patch cords and patch panel bulkheads to avoid the number one cause of fiber link failure – contamination. Significant time is saved because the probe is inserted directly into the patch panel’s bulkhead to examine installed fiber terminations without disassembling the patch panel. Technicians assign a pass or fail grade to the fiber, append a comment and save it for use in certification reports.


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