Fluke Networks MMC-62.5-LCLC-M – Multimode 62.5 µm Launch Cable, Metal LC Connectors



Fluke Networks® MMC-62.5-LCLC-M – Multimode 62.5 µm Launch Cable, Metal LC Connectors

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Cable diameter and length: 62.5 µm; 105 meters

End type: LC with metal latch design

End type 2: LC with metal latch design

Cable Type: Multimode, launch cord

For use with: OptiFiber Pro Series OTDRs

Announcing the Industry’s First Durable Metal LC Reference Grade Test Cords

Fluke Networks® continues to innovate in the testing market with the industry’s first durable metal LC reference grade testing cords and launch fibers, which will be standard on all LC-terminated test cords. Traditional LC connectors use a single-piece plastic design that flexes the latching mechanism and eventually breaks, requiring replacement when used repeatedly in testing. The Fluke Networks® Metal LC latching system uses a multi-piece metal design. Since this latch is not part of the body and does not flex, the life of the latching mechanism is greatly improved, thereby extending the life of the LC connector and therefore the TRC’s and launch cords.

The Metal LC connector is compliant with IEC 61754-20 and TIA-604-10B intermateability standards and passes all Telecordia GR-326-CORE durability tests including thermal, humidity, vibration, flex, impact, and salt spray. The latch has been tested to 10,000 mating cycles. It’s worth noting that our DSX Cable Analyzer Permanent Link Adapter (right) solves a similar problem for RJ45 copper testing.

Over the coming weeks, all LC test cords will be obsoleted and replaced by new models featuring the Metal LC connector.

Launch and tail cables are designed to be used in conjunction with an OTDR to characterize a fiber link. A launch cable should be used between the OTDR’s port and the link under test to allow the characterization of the first connector. A tail cable should be used at the far-end of the link to allow the characterization of the far-end connection.

Terminated with reference grade connectors in accordance with standards

Metal LC Connectors

Multimode launch cords are 105 m

Single mode launch cords are 160 m

Launch Cords available for Multimode (62.5 µm and 50 µm) or Single mode (9 µm) kits

Launch cords available for LC, SC, ST, FC, LC-APC, SC-APC and E2000-APC


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