Fluke Networks MFMULTIMODESOURCE MultiFiber Pro Mulitmode 850 LED Light Source

Fluke Networks MFMULTIMODESOURCE MultiFiber Pro Multimode MPO 850nm LED Light Source


Fluke Networks® MFMULTIMODESOURCE – MultiFiber Pro Mulitmode 850 LED Light Source

No dust caps to manage or lose with a shuttered MPO connector

Automatic scanning and testing of all fibers in MPO connectors with “Scan All” function

Troubleshoot MPO links and drill down to single fiber test results

Ensures correct end-to-end connectivity of MPO fiber trunks with built-in polarity verification

MultiFiber Pro 850nm LED Light Source

MultiFiber Pro takes the complexity out of testing MPO trunks for loss and polarity. With an on-board MPO connector, it is the first tester to automate the MPO fiber-trunk testing process without using a fan-out cord. The power meter/light source boasts industry-first functions such as automatic scanning of all twelve fibers and display of test results in an easy-to-read bar graph. These innovative features allow MultiFiber Pro kits to eliminate the complexity of testing MPO trunks, making it 90 percent faster than the traditional simplex test methods.

“SCAN ALL” Function

Scan All function in the MultiFiber Pro Power Meter automatically scans and tests all 12 fibers in MPO connectors – taking just 6 seconds to complete all loss or power measurements. This feature automates the testing of MPO terminated fibers and eliminates the time consuming and manual process of moving the tester from fiber to fiber while using fan-out cords.

Built-in Polarity Verification

The simple purpose of any polarity scheme is to provide a continuous connection from the link’s transmitter to the link’s receiver. For array connectors, TIA-568-C.0 defines three methods to accomplish this. Deployment mistakes are common because these methods require a combination of patch cords with different polarity types. The polarity measurement of MultiFiber Pro allows the user to test individual patch cords, permanent links, and channels for correct polarity.

On-board MPO connector

The MPO connector on both the Optical Power Meter and Light Source eliminates the use of costly and complicated fan-out cords to test MPO fiber trunks.

Simple User Interface

The MultiFiber Pro simplifies the task of simultaneously presenting polarity, power, and loss results for 12 fibers. The power meter enables the users to easily comprehend the measurement results of 12 fibers simultaneously. The light source identifies each fiber within the MPO connector being tested. Any individual measurements that fail the test limit is identified to allow root-cause analysis. This powerful yet straightforward test set enables everyone to become a fiber testing expert increasing efficiency in testing data center projects.

Select an Individual Fiber

Drilling down to a single fiber during testing and troubleshooting is always a challenge in data centers. MuliFiber Pro can troubleshoot a single fiber within an MPO trunk to provide a single fiber test result. This tincreases MPO connector verification and troubleshooting flexibility with more precise, per-fiber data and reporting.

On-board Shuttered MPO Connector

Uncovered ports can put cabling, equipment and testers at risk for contamination and affect performance. Ensuring a covered connection on your tester can protect it from dirt and dust. MultiFiber Pro makes it easy by shuttering the MPO connector for greater test reliability and peace of mind.

Easy Reporting

The MultiFiber Pro Power Meter stores up to 3,000 test results internally which can be uploaded to a PC using the LinkWare™ 7 Cable Test Management Software. LinkWare 7 allows you to manage test results, edit cable ID’s, print professional reports and even export the data into spreadsheet formats.

Kits for Every Need

MultiFiber Pro is available in several convenient kit configurations to meet all your cleaning, inspection and verification testing needs. Some kits include:

Fiber Inspection – FiberInspector™ Pro

The FiberInspector Pro is the ultimate inspection tool. Its 3.5” screen provides a larger image from its dual magnification probe. The small probe fits in the palm of your hand and can be switched between 250x and 400x magnification with the turn of a dial. The FiberInspector Pro and optional MPO tip complement the MultiFiber Pro test set, provide a comprehensive kit for cleaning, inspection and testing of MPO connected fibers and cassettes.

Fiber Cleaning – IBC™ OneClick Cleaners

Cleaning is critical. Fluke Networks®’ OneClick Cleaners instantly clean fiber optic bulkhead connectors and end-faces. Just push the tool tip to engage cleaning action and pull back on the wheel – it’s that simple. The MPO OneClick Cleaner is bundled with the MultiFiber Pro kits to ensure that you have the best cleaning tool from the beginning.


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