Fluke Networks JR-LEV-1 JACKRAPID PunchDown Tool



Fluke Networks® JR-LEV-1 JACKRAPID PunchDown Tool

JACKRAPID PunchDown Tool

Easy-to-use tool seats and cuts all wires at once

Accurate, clean and consistent cuts and terminations

Unique design easily accommodates close-to-wall installations

Introducing the new JackRapid, jack termination tool – the industry’s most innovative and time-saving termination tool. This patented tool seats and terminates all wires simultaneously, with one squeeze of the ergonomic handle. Get accurate terminations and clean, consistent cuts every time.

JackRapid™ is a patented jack termination tool that saves time and increases accuracy by seating and terminating all wires at once with a simple squeeze of the handle. JackRapid allows you to terminate jacks eight times faster than traditional impact tools – with accuracy that’s unmatched.

The patented jack termination tool seats and terminates all wires simultaneously. The built-in blade cuts off the excess wire after it is seated in the connector, eliminating the need for a secondary trim step.

Simple, one-handed operation, with an ergonomically designed handle, reduces hand fatigue. With JackRapid, you’ll never punch into the palm of your hand or through drywall again.

Perfect terminations are easy with JackRapid – 7 easy steps

Get accurate terminations and clean, consistent cuts every time with the JackRapid Termination Tool.

1. Strip cable jacket with a standard cable stripper or the built-in cable stripper.

2. Determine wiring scheme. Dress all 4 pairs (8 wires).

3. Insert jack in JackRapid front first with IDC slots facing blades of JackRapid.

4. Ensure jack is completely and securely inserted in jack holder bed with IDC slots facing the blades.

5. Pull trigger completely and remove excess wire prior to releasing trigger.

6. Wires will be seated and cut for a solid termination.

7. Release handle and remove jack from JackRapid tool. Visually verify proper termination.


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