Fluke Networks FIBERLERT-125 – Live Fiber Detector

FIBERLERT-125 – Single Pack


Fluke FIBERLERT-125 – Live Fiber Detector

Detects optical power in single-mode and multimode fiber wavelengths (near infrared range 850 nm to 1625 nm)

No setup or interpretation needed – light and sound indicate presence of an optical signal

“Non contact” detector reduces the risk of contamination and damage

Suitable for ports and patch cords, SM, MM, UPC and APC connections

LightBeat flashes to indicate operation and battery status; powers off after five minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life (2xAAA, included)

Quickly verify fiber activity, polarity, and connectivity with the FiberLert Live Fiber Detector. This pocket-sized tool tests single-mode, multimode, UPC and APC patch cords and ports with a non-contact / non-contaminating detector. The LightBeat feature flashes the LED, indicating a powered-on condition and good battery, a timer shuts FiberLert off after five minutes of inactivity to extend battery life (2xAAA, included). Rugged design includes a convenient pocket clip and is backed by a two-year warranty.


Check polarity and operation of patch cords.

Determine if a port is live. Small size makes it easy to access cramped patch panels.

Determine if a transceiver is operational. FiberLert can detect fiber signals without making contact.


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