Fluke Networks FI-500-BATTERY Replacement Battery Set for FI-500

Fluke Networks FI-500-BATTERY Replacement Battery Set (2 NIMH AA) for FI-500


Fluke Networks® FI-500-BATTERY Replacement Battery Set for FI-500

Battery Life (Continuous Use)

3 hours of continuous probe use

Battery Life (Typical Use)

6 hours of typical probe use

Charge Time

4 hours minimum

FI-500 Fiber Inspector ships with two rechargeable NiMH batteries (1.2 V, 2700 mAh) and a charging cable assembly. It will also run on two AA Alkaline batteries, but the charger will only charge the NiMH type batteries. No other battery types are supported. Do not attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries in the FI-500.

We recommend charging the NiMH batteries for 4 hours before you use them for the first time.

Battery LED States

Red: Charging

Green: Fully Charged

Red/Green Alternating: Wrong type of batteries (NiCad, LiON) are installed.

FI-500 Display battery icon and LED indicators

Note: The FI-500 will operate when connected to the charger cable without any batteries installed.

Removing and Installing the Batteries:

Fluke networks recommends Gold Peak GH230AAHC batteries. Use only NiMH Batteries. Do not use other types of batteries.

Power Management Settings

In the Tools menu you can adjust the Power Down, Standby and Dim Display settings in order to conserve battery life. If you make changes, be sure to arrow down to select Save and Exit, then press (F4) OK to save the setting.

Power Down settings can be adjusted to Never, 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, or 30 minute duration.

Power Management Settings

Replace the rechargeable batteries after 5 years of moderate use or 2 years of heavy use.

Moderate use is defined as recharged twice a week.

Heavy use is defined as discharged to cutoff and recharged daily.


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