Fluke Networks 44507004 Can Wrench with Stripper, 24-gauge

Fluke Networks 44507004 Can Wrench with Stripper, 24 Gauge


Fluke Networks® 44507004 Can Wrench with Stripper, 24-Gauge

Color-coded socket ends for quick size identification

Wire stripper constructed of stainless steel (rust resistant)

Wrench body constructed of tough, impact resistant, and abrasion resistant material

Socket ends guaranteed not to split or break up to a maximum torque of 45 ft. lbs.

Nylon body ergonomically designed to mold to user’s hand for applying torque without injury

Fluke Networks® Can Wrenches

Fluke Networks® can wrenches allow universal access to telephone boxes and pedestals.

The can wrenches feature color-coded socket ends and built-in ribs on the barrel for user comfort, safety, and greater torque power. The two hex head sockets (7/16 inch and 3/8 inch) have reduced outside diameters that fit all new network interface devices. The 7/16 inch is black oxidized to easily distinguish it from the 3/8 inch zinc-plated socket end.

Separate models of the can wrench are available with wire strippers built into the barrel. The stripper head has two slots with one slot for the outside jacket of a 4-wire “quad”, and the other slot for individual conductors (22-gauge model or 24-gauge model).


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