COPD Lung Phantom II CTP698 and CCT162

The CTP698 and CCT162 Lung Phantoms were designed for performing comparative measurements between CT scanners as part of the COPDGene® Study.


The phantoms were developed following input from the QIBA COPD/Asthma Technical Committee. These phantoms are not intended to replace comprehensive quality assurance testing programs. Instead, they are intended to offer additional information for use in monitoring CT scanners used in clinical studies.
The phantom is available in the CTP698 version and in a CCT162 version which includes end plates and support legs. The end plates and stabilizer legs on the CCT162 provide greater stability when scanning and the plates help protect the lung foam material from damage. The phantoms contain three NIST identified reference foams along with a water bottle, acrylic and air samples. There is an assortment of different sized airways with polycarbonate walls with internal diameters ranging from 2.5mm to 6mm and outside diameters ranging from 3.3mm to 9mm. The CCT162 Lung Phantom consists of an outer ring (Catphan® Uniformity Material Ring), which simulates tissue attenuation, and a central oval insert, which simulates lung attenuation. The ring is cast from a specially formulated urethane with an electron density just above water.


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