Comelec C30H ALD

The Comelec C30H ALD precisely layers Parylene and ALD for optimal barrier protection and efficient production.

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The Comelec C30H ALD multilayer deposition system’s size and performance capabilities are designed for research and testing and industrial production settings. It is well-suited to apply multilayer conformal coatings for complex, three-dimensional components used in electronics, medical devices, conductors and similar applications.

The C30H ALD layers Parylene and inorganic layers, specifically aluminum hydroxide (AL2O3) and/or titanium hydroxide (TiO2) using a remote plasma source to generate precursors that will trigger the surface reactions necessary to “grow” the layers of Parylene and ALD. The system is also equipped with a gas panel with four heated precursor lines to increase vapor pressure and temperature for precise results.


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