B&K Precision CP62 – 300 kHz AC/DC Oscilloscope Current Clamp Probe


300 kHz AC/DC Oscilloscope Current Clamp Probe

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BK Precision CP62 – 300 kHz AC/DC Oscilloscope Current Clamp Probe
50 mA to 100 A peak
DC to 300 kHz
The CP62 current probe allows a general-purpose oscilloscope to display AC and DC current signals up to 100 A Peak (70 A RMS). The CP62 current probe can also make AC and DC measurements with a multimeter by using the recommended accessory TL62 (BNC-to-banana) plug adapter

The controls and connectors of the current probe.

Current flow symbol.

The arrow shows the probe’s polarity convention for measuring current flowing from positive to negative.

Zero adjustment.

Rotate to adjust the probe output to zero when there is no current present. It may also be used to offset a DC signal component. Zeroing is not needed for AC measurements unless your instrument cannot isolate a DC component (if present).

OFF/Range switch.

Slide the switch from OFF to either the 10 mV/A or 100mV/A range. When either range is selected, the probe is turned on, and the green battery indicator lights.

Battery indicator.

The green battery indicator lights when the probe is turned on.

Overload indicator.

The red overload indicator lights if the measured signal is greater than the selected range capacity. Switch the probe to 10 mV/A if possible, or remove the probe from the circuit.
Power/ Range Switch – Power ON/OFF, select 10mV/A or 100mV/A range
DC Zero Offset Knob
Clamp – Max. 11 mm Wire
Clamp Lever – Opens jaw
Battery Compartment – Located inside
AC Adapter Input