B&K Precision 9832B – Programmable AC Power Source


AC Power Source 2000 VA

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BK Precision 9832B – Programmable AC Power Source
Max Voltage: 0 – 300 V
Max Current: 0 – 20 A
Max Power: 2000 VA
AC, DC, and AC+DC power source
The BK Precision 9832B programmable AC power source provides high performance and low total harmonic distortion in a 3U form factor. The addition of positive and negative DC offset voltages expands the AC capabilities to operate in DC and AC+DC output coupling modes. The user can select built-in and user-defined harmonic waveforms or select from standard sine, square, or clipped sine outputs. The high output current crest factor and low input resistance are suitable for high inrush current measurements when evaluating capacitive or inductive loads. 3-Phase power can be achieved by connecting 3 units of the same model in a master and slave configuration using the optional TL983P 3-Phase sync adapters.
Front panel
Intuitive user interface

The numeric keys and rotary knob provide a convenient interface for setting output parameters quickly and precisely. All measurements and setting values are concurrently displayed on the screen including a graphical display of the output waveform. Up to 100 instrument settings can be saved and recalled to and from internal storage memory. Save screenshots and save /recall settings to the USB host interface.
Rear panel
Operation highlights

Adjustable AC/DC voltage levels, frequency, and timing parameters allow for simulation of voltage drops and periodic power surges and sags. Step, pulse, and list modes are used to generate complex power line disturbance simulations. Select from built-in waveforms or generate user-defined waveforms with the included PC software or by connecting an arbitrary waveform generator to the instrument’s analog input.
Step mode

Generate step-up or step-down output based on user-defined voltage, frequency, phase, and interval settings.
Waveform operations

Select sine, square, clipped sine, or harmonic distortion waveforms. Set amplitude, frequency, and phase.
Pulse mode

Pulse mode allows the generation of single or multiple pulses with user-defined voltage, duty cycle, and phase. Either AC or DC (-424.0 to +424.0 V) output operation is supported.
DC offset

Examples of DC offset

The 9830 Series is capable of generating AC+DC waveforms. When operating in pulse, step, and list mode, the AC signal can be combined with either a positive or negative DC offset voltage, allowing users to create a wide range of waveforms.
List mode

List mode supports the generation of complex output sequences with varying time, amplitude, frequency, and voltage. Up to 100 steps in 10 programs can be saved and executed. This allows the user to build a wide range of waveforms to simulate power grid faults and disturbances.
Built-in THD Waveforms

Select from 30 built-in THD (total harmonic distortion) waveforms.
Application software

Application software offers convenient control, monitoring, and data logging capabilities. This software supports three-phase mode or multi-phase mode for different applications.
Three-phase mode

Control voltage and frequency of the three-phase system remotely using the application software. Phase values are fixed at 0º, 120º, and 240º. The output monitor window displays live voltage, current, and power measurements for each connected AC source.
Multi-phase mode

Multi-phase mode allows for direct control of individual AC source parameters including voltage and phase.