B&K Precision 4040B – 20 MHz DDS Function Generator


20 MHz DDS Sweep Function Generator

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BK Precision 4040B – 20 MHz DDS Function Generator
Sine and square frequency range: 0.01 Hz – 20 MHz
Triangle/ramp frequency range: 0.01 Hz – 2 MHz
Provides linear and logarithmic sweep for users needing sweep capability
Can also be remotely operated via the USB interface and is SCPI compatible
Models 4014B and 4040B are 12 MHz and 20 MHz DDS (direct digital synthesis) function generators that generate stable and precise sine, square, and triangle waveforms. Both models provide variable output voltages from 0 to 10 Vpp into 50 Ω (up to 20 Vpp into open circuit), linear and logarithmic sweep, AM/FM modulation, built-in counter, and a continuously variable DC offset that allows the output to be injected directly into circuits at the correct bias level. Separate output amplitude and DC offset amplifiers let you set a large DC offset (e.g. ± 4.99 V ) with a small amplitude output signal (e.g. 10 mV), a feature typically found in more expensive generators.

The 4014B and 4040B are both designed with a dual technology architecture, combining traditional DDS technology with a low-jitter square wave generator. The instruments generate a 2-point waveform to simulate the amplitude and use a high accuracy PLL (phase-locked loop) circuit for timing. Compared to signals generated by typical low-cost DDS function and arbitrary waveform generators, this implementation significantly minimizes jitter and improves edge stability of square waves. The improved signal integrity allows these generators to be used for simulating reliable clock signals, generating triggers, or validating serial data buses.

These models are suitable for education and other applications that require digital function generators with sweep and modulation capabilities.
Front panel
Rear panel
Intuitive user interface

Easily change all waveform parameters using the intuitive menu-driven front panel keypad, rotary control knob, and large color LCD display that shows a preview of the output waveform. Convenient waveform and range selection buttons let users make quick and precise adjustments to the output signal.

Versatile tools

Both models provide AM and FM modulation along with linear/logarithmic sweep and built-in counter capabilities. Internal and external sources can be used for triggering and modulating the signal.
Easy PC connectivity

The function generators can be programmed remotely via the USB (virtual COM) interface using SCPI commands. B&K Precision also offers application software that provides virtual front panel emulation, allowing users to remotely control their instrument without the need for programming.