ASL 5000® Breathing Simulator

The ASL 5000® is the world’s most sophisticated breathing simulator, and capable of simulating the full range of patients  – neonatal to adult. The ASL 5000® is able to breathe spontaneously even while being ventilated and can be used with any ventilator (and any ventilator mode). The ASL 5000® can help you save time, accelerate development and gain better control of testing protocols.


Use the ASL 5000® to:

  • Perform long term testing on all ventilator modes with virtually any patient type
  • Develop adaptive algorithms on ventilators
  • Simulate patient breathing associated with sleep apnea for development of CPAP devices
  • Evaluate aerosol drug delivery devices using realistic high-flow inhalation
  • Compare ventilators or ventilator modes (e.g. pressure support mode) on the same reproducible patient
  • Create repeatable breath patterns at a high level of accuracy for respiratory device product development with the smart pump


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