American Prostat PRS-812B weight surface resistance meter

The Resistance Meter PRS-812B is a state-of-the-art instrument designed for accurate

measurement and assessment of electrical resistance in diverse applications. With

advanced technology at its core, this meter offers high precision and reliability in analyzing

the resistance levels of conductive materials and components.

Featuring an intuitive interface, the PRS-812B ensures ease of use for professionals and

enthusiasts in fields like electronics, telecommunications, and materials science. Its

versatile capabilities enable swift and precise resistance measurements, facilitating the

identification of potential issues within electrical circuits and systems.

Renowned for its durability and robust design, the PRS-812B excels in providing consistent

performance, making it an indispensable tool for quality control in manufacturing processes

and troubleshooting electrical systems. Whether used in laboratories or industrial settings,

this resistance meter contributes to enhancing the overall efficiency and dependability of

electrical equipment and installations.


American Prostat PRS-812B weight surface resistance meter PROSTAT (the old model PRS-812 has been discontinued)

PRS-812B Resistance Meter Kit

From 0.1 to 9.9 X 10*12 ohms, portable precision resistance measurement.

Accurate wide-range resistance measurement: 0.1 Ω to 9.9×10*12Ω, overall nominal accuracy <±5%

Variable voltage for low resistance measurements 0.1 mv to 9.99 V

Constant test voltages 10V and 100V for specification measurements to meet international and domestic ESD measurement standards

Automatic resistance range control

Automatic test voltage control

Automatic power cycle adjustment for better measurement results

80 data point memory

Fast and flexible

A wide range of. precise. portable.

The PRS-812 is a comprehensive range of portable constant voltage resistor instruments designed for dedicated ESD auditors and professionals. The PRS-812 is a cost-effective choice for ESD professionals who require excellent accuracy and performance without data downloading. Like its big brother, the PRS-801, the PRS-812 offers an excellent combination of performance, including measurement speed, wide range and accuracy. Its constant test voltage system is extremely stable and consistent with laboratory-grade benchtop instruments.

Measuring range

The PRS-812’s accurate wide range is 0.1 to 9.9×10*12 ohms, providing better flexibility for measurement applications. In fact, it’s three in one because what it does is:

Low resistance range instrument for measuring 0.1 to 1.0×10*4 ohms. Most competitive instruments cannot measure accurately at or below 1.0×10*3 ohms. Therefore, a typical ESD practitioner must carry a DMM to perform low-resistance checks of ground connections. To ensure accuracy in the field, the PRS-800CC calibration shunt is used to confirm and adjust accuracy over its 0.1 to 10 ohm resistance range.

A wide range of audit tools that meet and exceed ANSI/ESD S20.20 and TR53 periodic verification (audit) program requirements, ranging from 1.0×10*3 to 1.0×10*11 ohms. The measurement guidance requires measurement of the resistance requirements of the ESD program for facilities ranging from less than ten years to more than ten years. Depending on program requirements, the PRS-812 can easily exceed this requirement by up to 2 decades.

Precision high-resistance instruments for packaging measurement, material and product testing, and acceptance verification to S541 standards. Few competing instruments are better at measuring up to or beyond 1.0×10*11 ohms, while the PRS-812 can easily measure up to 1.0×10*12 ohms.

Measurement flexibility

Connects to virtually any 2-wire fixture or electrode configuration.

The PRS-812’s simple ¾-inch terminal spacing provides connections to a variety of electrodes and fixtures.

Terminal design allows use of mechanically shielded or unshielded banana plug leads

BNC adapter with ¾-inch spacing mounts directly to PRS-812 terminals for measurements with a wide range of probes and fixtures

Measurement speed: power-on period

Along with the PRS-801, the PRS-812 is one of the fastest measuring instruments on the precision measurement market today. Laboratory testing confirms that the PRS-812 can measure 0 to 1.0×10*12 ohms in 2.5 seconds. Therefore, the electrification time (EP) is 8 seconds based on the surface resistance of ANSI/ESD STM11.11 planar materials. Additionally, its EP automatically adjusts to ensure stable measurements are displayed.

Multiple operating modes

The PRS-812 features automatic, manual and auto-manual operating modes and an exponential or standard digital display in Ω, KΩ, MΩ, GΩ and TΩ. It’s easy to use and read. Summarizes decades of measurements using multiple LEDs from <10 to >10.


Resistance ranges from 0.1 (1.0E-1) Ohms to 9.9 Tera ohms (9.9E+12 ohms).

Test voltage

Auto mode (default): 0.01 volts to 10 volts variable 1.0E-1 to 1.0E+4 ohms

Constant voltage:

10 Volts: ± <0.2 Volts 1.0E+4 to <1.0E+6 Ohms

100 volts: ± 1.0E+ 12 ohms

Manual mode: 0.01V to 10V variable 1.0E-1 to <1.0E+5 ohms

10 Volts: ± <0.2 Volts 1.0E+2 to 1.0E+9 Ohms

100 volts: ±1.0E+12 ohms


Overall: ± <5% at ambient conditions (at 23°C and 30% Rh).

Range Specific Tolerance: 1.0E-1 to 1.0E+1 Ohms: ±5% Corrected Test Lead Resistance

1.0E+1 to 1.0E+12 ohms: ±2.0% using 10 ft. test leads

1.0E+12 to 2.0E +14 ohms <±40%


Multifunctional 2-5/8″ x 1-5/8″ LCD display with 0.5″ digit height.

Displays 3-1/2 digits in ohms, or in exponential format

Display 1.0EXX. Ohm display indicators: Ω, KΩ, MΩ, GΩ and TΩ. Includes 19 analog ranges (1-10 with 0.5 indication) with x1, x10 and x100 multipliers.

Number of data points in memory (0 – 80).

Auto power on time (seconds) or time required to manually obtain steady state measurements.

Display data HOLD, BATTERY status, MIN, MAX, AVG, REC and test voltage <10, 10 or 100 V)

LED indicator light

14 1012 ohm color LEDs.

Color (red, green, yellow/orange or blank/off)


Time measurement in seconds up to 99 seconds (displayed on LCD)


Register can store up to 80 data points (MEM # shown after RESET)


Resistance range Charge cycle

0.1 to <1.0E06 ohms <3.0 seconds

1.0E06 to <1.0E12 8.0 seconds

1.0E12 and larger 15.0 seconds

Note: Charging cycles vary based on conditions and material stability.

Two 9-VDC alkaline batteries. Nominal battery life Auto mode 25 hours Auto mode

Greater than 35 hours Manual mode


4.0″ wide x 6.0″ long x 2.0″ deep.


22 oz with battery

Open circuit current (I)

<4 mA @ 100 Volts

Resistance range selection

2 triangle arrow buttons: up and down ¯.

Select a single decade of resistance range in manual and auto/manual modes.

Test voltage

Manual selection of <10, 10 or 100 volts in manual mode


If closed, the memory register is opened. Provides access to all data in memory registers.

Calculates and displays the minimum, maximum, and average values of data stored in memory registers.

Erases all data in memory registers; if in HOLD mode, discards the most recently held value


Power up and perform functional and battery tests. If on then power off.

Battery. test

GOOD is displayed on the LCD if the voltage is acceptable, Lo if not


Enter (save) data into a memory register, clear HOLD and display.


Start the measurement sequence.

Battery bus cut off

ON/OFF switch isolates battery from instrument circuitry for storage and transportation

Useful operating modes

Automatic mode:

The instrument automatically selects and adjusts the test voltage, resistance range, and power-on time, and then displays and maintains the measured value. The measurement shown is the average of eight consecutive measurements, all within ±5% of each other. Press RESET to “save” the measurement value in the memory register. The instrument is now ready for the next measurement.

Manual mode:

Allows operator to select resistance decade, test voltage and energization period (EP).

automatic / manual:

Same as automatic mode with the following exceptions:

– Allows operator to select starting resistance decade

– Always start measuring from the last measured value, no need to reset to zero. This extends battery life and speeds up measurement sequences.

Data recording and calculation

In recording mode, the PRS-812 can store up to 80 measurements and calculate and display the minimum, maximum, and average measurements stored in registers as needed.


Designed for intermittent use. Not intended for continuous use or production applications.


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