B&K Precision DAS240-BAT – Portable Multi-Channel Recorder with Battery


Portable Multi-Channel Recorder with Battery

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BK Precision DAS240-BAT – Portable Multi-Channel Recorder with Battery
Compact and portable form factor suitable for remote and field use
Extended battery life of up to 15 hours
Wide 10″ touchscreen TFT display
20 universal analog input channels, expandable to 200 channels
The DAS240-BAT measures parameters commonly found in process applications including voltage, temperature, current, resistance, frequency and pulse. It includes 20 universal analog channels with convenient screw input terminals that can be expanded up to 200 channels. This recorder was developed by B&K Precision’s subsidiary Sefram in France, which specializes in the design and manufacture of data acquisition instruments, field strength meters, and other test and measurement instruments.

Measurement results can be viewed graphically and numerically on a 10-inch color touch screen and saved to internal solid state memory or an external USB memory stick. Icon-driven menus make the instrument easy to navigate. The free DasLab Windows PC software allows users to remotely control and configure the recorder, transfer logging results and configuration files, and view live data in graphical or numerical format on the PC.
Front panel
Top input and connection panel
Expandable up to 200 analog channels

The DAS240-BAT series provides a flexible and scalable analog channel concept. Each unit is supplied with one 20-channel analog module and 20 screw input terminal blocks. By daisy-chaining additional modules, the total number of channels can be incremented by 20 to a maximum of 200 channels (10 modules). These modules can be pre-wired to the UUT and stationary in multiple locations while the instrument is moved to each location for recording. This helps with wire management and setup time.
Flexible operation
Large display with icon-driven menus for easy setup and operation.
Comprehensive triggering capabilities: Configure triggers on analog and logic channels. Select from multiple combinations of thresholds, channels and conditions.
Numerical display of measured values
Channel setup displays all parameters on a single screen
Measurement display with zoom and cursors
Math calculations between channels
XY mode for plotting one varying voltage versus another
Internal file management
DasLab software

DasLab is a license-free Windows compatible software that can be downloaded from www.bkprecision.com. The software controls the recorder through the LAN or WiFi interface and provides the following features:
Channel and trigger configuration
Display live measurement results in graphical or numerical format
File management, file upload and download of data recordings, screen captures and configuration files
DasLab file management
DasLab remote setup