B&K Precision 1550 – Switching DC Bench Power Supply with USB Charger


DC Pwr Supply w/USB Charger Outp 1-36V, 0-3A

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BK Precision 1550 – Switching DC Power Supply with USB Charger Output 1-36V, 0-3A
USB Charging port on front panel
Rear panel security loop
Compact design
Output On/Off control
Large bright easy to read LCD display
The model 1550 is a compact 108-watt power supply delivering 1-36V and 0-3A from its main isolated output. A unique feature of the 1550 supply is the USB 1.1 charging port located on the front panel allowing the user to charge a cell phone or MP3 player. Clean power and quiet operation make this power supply ideal for laboratories, workshops, and schools where bench space is limited.
Using the 1550 switching mode power supply
The unit is a Micro-controller based DC power supply with a total supply capability of 108 watts. By using a digital + / – keypad operation control, you can set the output voltage and current easily. It is a clean supply with quiet operation making it ideal for laboratory, workshop, or educational applications where workbench space is limited. The 1550 has a USB charger output, constant current operation, overvoltage protection, floating ground design, output on/off push button, and a small form factor.
Using the USB power output
The USB output is rated at 5 VDC and 0.4 A, according to the USB 1.1 standard. You can power up or charge your portables such as an I-Pod, MP3 Player or Cell Phone* which have USB power connectors for getting dc power from a PC (Personal Computer).
USB Charging Port
Charge your cell phone or MP3 player while you work.
Rear Panel Security Loop
Secure the power supply to a work station to prevent unwanted removal.
Controls and Indicators
Power Switch : Turns the power supply on–off, when it is on the front display lights up
AC Input Socket with Fuse
Concealed Fuse box ( please open the cover to get to the fuse)
V: Output Voltage Setting keypad
A: Output Current Setting keypad
“+” Increase Setting keypad. Press to increase the numerical values
“-” Decrease Setting keypad. Press to decrease the numerical values
Output On/Off push button.
USB Output Socket Standard USB DC power 5V, 400mA To charge or to power portables and cell phones
Output Terminal Positive (+) Red color
GND Terminal (:) Green color Chassis ground terminal, normally this is to be shorted to (+) or (-) as required by user
Output Terminal Negative (-) Black color
LCD Display panel showing: 3 digit voltage, current meter, (CV) constant voltage mode, (CC) constant current mode, Output Terminal on/off state